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We set ourselves the goal to develop a skin protecting  In-Shower Body Lotion, which would be suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

Using the special hydrodispersion technology as our base, our challenge was to find a compatible active ingredient that could meet the specific needs of sensitive and problematic skin. We tested various substances and tried out many different approaches before finding the optimal formula.

Discovering a mild In-Shower Body Lotion

"We knew from in-use-studies that some people preferred the convenience of an In-Shower Body Lotion over a post-shower one", says Anette Bürger, Research & Development at Eucerin. "But people with sensitive skin in particular told us that there were no dermo cosmetic products that met their needs."

Beiersdorf' Research Centre in Hamburg, Germany.
Eucerin stands for excellent product quality and the combination of effectiveness and superior skin tolerability.

Sensitive skin happens when skin's protective barrier is compromised. This protective barrier keeps bacteria and other harmful substances from entering the body, while limiting water loss and preventing dehydration. To keep sensitive skin healthy, its barrier needs to be protected in the short term and, over time, strengthened.

"The Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion has good smoothing, caring and moisturizing properties. And, something which is very important for us: It is very compatible with sensitive skin!" says Anette Bürger. "After regular use the formula with 5% Dexpanthenol and moisturizing glycerin strengthens the skin barrier and accelerates regeneration."

We didn't have to look far for our solution. Dexpanthenol had already proved its effectiveness in our pH5 range.

Anette Bürger, Research & Development at Eucerin

Our key ingredient

Dexpanthenol, which derives from panthotenic acid (also known as Vitamin B5), is an extremely effective moisturiser, improving hydration of the outer most layer of the skin, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintaining skin softness and elasticity.

Strengthening effects of Dexpanthenol on the skin barrier.

Dexpanthenol enhances skin regeneration and repair. It has been shown to considerably improve the symptoms of skin irritation such as dryness, roughness, scaling and erythema (or redness of the skin) when being applied regularly.

Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion is applied on wet skin and proven to significantly increase the hydration of the skin surface and decrease tactile roughness after regular use.

A new way to moisturise

Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion – the fast way to smooth and protected skin.
After using Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion an additional usage of moisturisers is not needed – you can get dressed right after showering and toweling.

Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion has no cleansing properties. It is applied after cleansing, while still in the shower, and is then rinsed off before toweling. One of its many appeals is that, as soon as skin is towel dried, people can dress immediately.

In clinical studies our In-Shower Body Lotion was found to have very good tolerability and efficacy.

Anette Bürger, Research & Development at Eucerin

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Step 1

Use your regular shower product and rinse off.

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Step 2

Apply the In-Shower Body Lotion on wet skin directly in the shower.

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Step 3

Rinse off, dry off and you can dress immediately.

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