Behind The Science of Eucerin Sensitive Skin – Of Eucerin Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin needs special care. That’s why Eucerin has been using their expertise to create highly tolerable and effective products since the 1950s. This pioneering spirit has led the way, first with its pH5 ointment, then with a complete range of body care products in the 1970s. However, developments in research methods led to a real breakthrough when three active ingredients were shown to both medically protect the skin's acid mantle and activate natural enzyme activity from the inside out.

A challenge for skin research

Sensitive skin is an increasingly common condition that affects both men and women, can occur at any age and on any part of the body. Because sensitive skin is unpredictable, it can look red and scaly, and feel dry and itchy. This can result in considerable discomfort. Yet it’s only recently that its causes have been more fully understood, and the role of skin's pH level recognised.