Signs of aging – Sagging skin and a loss of volume

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How do I recognize sagging skin and a loss of volume?

The triangle of beauty

A gradual drop in the ‘filler’ substances that keep skin looking firm and feeling smooth lead to a loss of volume, less defined contours and sagging skin in the different layers of skin:

Hormonal changes

In puberty, estrogen levels are high. Skin is smooth and elastic and the skin contours are defined. As we age, hormone levels decline and volume-giving cells decrease in both size and number leading to a loss in volume and less defined facial contours.


As part of general skin aging a loss of volume is also caused by the same external lifestyle factors that also contribute to wrinkles and a loss of elasticity and radiance. These include: 

  • Sun: Spending too long in the sun can damage collagen, compromise skin structure and cause photoaging (premature skin aging caused by the sun)
  • Smoking: Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes further degrade skin collagen

These lifestyle factors combine to cause oxidative stress. This occurs when molecules known as ‘free radicals’ are formed internally and attack cellular structures including those that help the skin look smooth and firm. Once the structure is weakened, and collagen and functional elastin decline, skin aging is accelerated. The visible signs including fine lines and wrinkles, a loss of volume, a loss of elasticity and less radiance appear on skin’s surface.

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