• 1/1 Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream
  • 1/1 Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream

Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream

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With regenerating, soothing, anti-itch, anti-bacterial and cooling ingredients

Clinically proven to significantly improve the skin's appearance during flare-up phases.

Product info

Eucerin's new AtopiControl Acute Care Cream breaks the vicious circle of itchy flare-ups with soothing care. Its skin caring properties help reduce the use of hydrocortisone during flare-ups. A clinical study shows a comparable cosmetic effect of the skin caring properties of AtopiControl Acute Care Cream to the effects of a 1 % hydrocortisone cream on the complexion of atopic skin. AtopiControl Acute Care Cream is not a pharmaceutical product and is not meant to replace one.

Apply as often as needed on the affected areas to intensively care, calm and soothe skin. Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream is a unique complex which includes regenerating Omega-6- fatty acids (Evening Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil), soothing Licochalcone A (an extract from the licorice root), anti-bacterial Decandiol and cooling Menthoxypropanediol. It has been clinically and dermatologically proven for compatibility on atopic skin in adults, children and babies from the age of 3 months.

To minimise the risk of skin irritation and allergies, it is cortisone-free, fragrance-free, colourant-free and paraben-free. 

Clinical Studies

Clinical and dermatological studies prove very good skin tolerability on patients with atopic skin.

Main findings

  • Significant reduction of transepidermal water loss.
  • Irritated and reddened skin was calmed and soothed.
  • The need to scratch was reduced and skin felt relieved.


  • suitable for babies
  • paraben-free
  • fragrance-free
  • cortisone-free

How To Use


  • Apply as often as needed on the affected areas during flare-up.
  • Occasionally the feeling of coldness or slight stinging might be perceived.

Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream if …

You have Atopic Dermatitis (also know as Atopic Eczema) and are looking for a cosmetic skin care product for use during a flare-up:

Eucerin AtopiControl Anti-Itch Care Spray can be used as an adjunctive care product to Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream.

Your child has Atopic Dermatitis and is over the age of three months and you are looking for a dermo-cosmetic product to alleviate some of their discomfort.

Eucerin AtopiControl Care Cream can be used as adjunctive care to Eucerin AtopiControl Acute Care Cream or in addition to a pharmaceutical product.

Try a different product if …

You have Atopic Dermatitis but are not experiencing a flare-up:

You may want to try Eucerin AtopiControl Body Lotion or Eucerin AtopiControl Face Care Cream.

You have dry skin but not Atopic Dermatitis:

If this is the case try Eucerin Complete Repair or the Eucerin Urea range.

Your child has Atopic Dermatitis and he or she is under the age of three months.

You have ever had a reaction to any of the ingredients.

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